Orchid BioSciences business units are leading providers of products, services and technologies for value-added genotyping. Orchid’s proprietary SNP scoring technology, SNP-IT(tm), powers the SNPstream┬« instruments, SNPware(tm)consumables and high throughput SNP scoring services sold by Orchid Life Sciences to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and academic customers. The versatility of SNP-IT has enabled Orchid to partner with industry leaders to make SNP-IT-enabled products available on a wide variety of instrument platforms as part of Orchid’s Platform Propagation(tm) strategy.
Orchid provides identity genomics testing for paternity and forensics through Orchid GeneScreen and Orchid Cellmark. Orchid Diagnostics markets products and services for HLA genotyping, disease susceptibility testing and immunogenetics, and Orchid GeneShield is developing programs designed to accelerate the adoption of personalized medicine.

Orchid Cellmark was acquired by LabCorp in December 2011.