ExerGen Biosciences Inc.

ExerGen Biosciences, Inc. is a bioinformatics company proving innovative solutions for managing and visualizing the immense and ever-expanding repositories of biological data. ExerGen’s next-generation knowledge extraction and visualization solutions -consisting of software, hardware and services – powers the next generation of unsupervised data mining. These solutions, which associate knowledge derived from scientific literature with information derived from data mining techniques and high throughput technology, allow better and faster drug target validation and ensure a higher percentage of success in drug discovery. For example, ExerGen has organized signal transduction data into a semantically searchable relational database that will disclose entity relationships and reveal new drug discovery leads. Using natural language processing techniques, ExerGen’s technologies performs the massive automated extraction of information from research literature and automated maintenance of a knowledge base that provides comprehensive information about signal transduction pathways, the diseases associated with the pathways, and the drugs that affect them.